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I offer confidential ghostwriting services to both first-time and established fiction authors, as well as editing and enhancement of existing manuscripts. Working from outlines and character sketches, and using your personalized voice and style to match the tone and design you are looking to achieve, I can create your novel just as you want it — or even better. For existing works, I can flesh out characterizations to bring them to life, deepening dialogue, streamlining narratives, tightening plotlines, adding humor where applicable, and injecting suspense and tension.

Specialties include (but are not limited to) mystery, suspense, thriller, western, and Christian fiction, as well as non-fiction works from biographies, how-to, self-help and more.

Every writer has challenges. For some it’s dialogue, or description, or grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, narrative flow, suspense, character development or perspective. For some it’s over-writing, and for others it could be under-writing. No matter how good your strengths, the weaknesses can undermine it all.

As a professional editor, I don’t just fix spelling and punctuation. I look to see how I can make your characters live and breathe, make your story come alive, set the scene so the reader feels like they are there, creating suspense (no matter the genre) to keep the reader turning the pages — all while maintaining your voice and style. I can make characters more dynamic, add spark to dialogue, deepen plot, and help with the story arc and theme.

Still not sure? Ask about me working on the first chapter so you can get a feel for what I do and how I do it.

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Past work has been confidentially contracted, mostly for established authors who work under pen names, or who do not want it publicly known someone else “assisted” on their creative work.

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